Term 1, 2018





Manipulation: Manipulation refers to the fine motor skills of throwing, catching, spinning and twirling objects. Some examples include – Juggling, Devil Sticks, Plate Spinning, Poi, Scarves, Rings, Hula-Hoops, Diablo, Staff and Clubs.

Aerial: Aerial refers to disciplines in which the student is up in the air, climbing, hanging, swinging or spinning on various apparatuses. Some examples of apparatus include – Trapeze, Silks, Aerial Hoop, Cloudswing, Spanish Web, Corde Lisse, Slings and Cube. No experience necessary.

Tumbling:  Tumbling refers to a discipline that uses some of the skills of artistic gymnastics on the floor and can also incorporate trampolining. Some examples of specific skills are – Ground Tumbling, Mini-Tramp, Double-Mini-Tramp, Conditioning and Acrobalance. No experience necessary.

Equilibrium: Equilibrium refers to balancing acts where the student balances themselves on top of a static of moving apparatus. Some examples include – Tightwire, Stilts Walking, Rolla Bolla, Walking Globe and Unicycle.

Performance Troupe: This class allows students to develop group and solo acts on their chosen specialty to be perform at events throughout the year. This class requires students attend more than one class a week to maintain their skills.

Hoop: This class focuses specifically on the art of hula hooping. It’s a fantastic cardio workout covering a range of skills including traditional body hooping, hand manipulation skills, hoop dance and more! No experience necessary.

Yah-yahs: Yah-yahs (Young at Heart) is a class aimed at adults who want a gentler a approach to circus training or who are coming back to regular exercise after some time away. This class covers everything a spectrum class covers: manipulation, tumbling, equilibrium, aerial.