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Read on for everything you need to know about enrolling in classes, and payment options through the Ruccis Customer Portal.


How do I sign up using the portal app on my Mobile?

You’ll need to download the iClassPro app first! Once downloaded, you’ll be asked for a “account name” of the organisation, for us, this will be “Ruccis”. Because this is a new system, you’ll now click “create as account”. Enter your email address and check verification box. Verify your email address by entering the code sent your your inbox. Add personal details (not the students details). You’ll be asked your relationship to the student, if you are the student, click “other”. Choose a password for your account and proceed to filling in your personal information.

How do I create a student?

Under the “Account” tab, choose “Add student” and proceed to fill in their details.

How do I book my child or myself into a class?

Under the “bookings” tab, select “classes” and then choose which child to enroll (best to do one at a time). From there, you’ll be given a list of classes your child can join. You can filter these by days. Confirm the class details and click “enroll now!” or “request a trial” for a one off trial. Click “Add to cart” and once all your classes have been added to cart, click “pay now” and you’re all set!

What if i want to pay by invoice?

At this stage, If youd like to pay by invoice you still need to create an account and add all your students. From there, email ruccis with which classes each student will be in and we can invoice you for those classes.

Are there any family or multi class discounts?

Yes! For term classes, if you have more than one immediate family member doing circus classes at Ruccis, each additional student will receive 10% off their classes! As well as a family discount, we also have a multi class discount – if you or your student does more than one class, each additional class will be 10% off. Classes must be booked in the same transaction to receive the discounts.

When do I need to be booked in by?

We kindly ask that you book into your class before term commences. If you are not on our class list in week one, the class may already be full, otherwise you will need to book in at Ruccis during your first class. 

If you’d like to join classes later in the term, you can book a Come & Try class to see what the class is like, and we can help you set up your fees pro rata for the remainder of the term.

I just want to try a class. Do I need to sign up to the portal?

Yes, youll need to follow all the steps above and choose “Request a trial” rather than “enroll now”.

Can I book holiday classes through the portal?

Yes! But we won’t be releasing that information just yet.

Easy Payment Options

Credit Card

When you enrol in your class, pay for the full term with a credit card. Quick and easy and you’re all done.

Bank Transfer or In Person

After you enrol we’ll send you an invoice and you can choose to pay by bank transfer or in person with cash or card

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