At-Home Circus Workshops

You can’t come to us, so we’re bringing the circus to you!

During the Melbourne lockdown in 2020, our coaches were busy filming a series of circus, stretch and strength workshops that you can do with things around your house or with props you might already own. Did we know what we were doing? Not really! Was it heaps of fun? You bet!

Both live and pre-recorded, these videos were released on our Facebook page, and many our housed here for you to access any time.

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Circus Kids

For toddlers and kids up to 8 years. We’ll have fun making activities with things we can find around the house!

Strength & Conditioning

For teens and adults, or younger keen beans! We’ll get moving with a good old warm up, stretch and strength exercises. Don’t forget the abs!

Circus Fun

For everyone! This is a mixed bag of circus goodies, with guest coaches teaching a variety of manipulation skills.

At Home Workshops

Our shorter, pre-recorded videos designed to get you circus-ing around the house – these videos are down below!

Juggling Basics

with Emily & Sam

Emily shows you how to make juggling balls out of socks and Sam has some tips for practising with one and two balls before working up to three.

Poi Spinning

with Emily 

Use those sock juggling balls to make poi! Learn the basic spins then add some flair with variations and crossover tricks.

4 Minute Abs

with LeShea

Join the Ruccis Performance Troup for an ab workout with coach LeShea. Follow along with 30 second sets of each exercise. Great to help build your core strength for aerials, tumbling and so much more.

Knot Tying –
Figure 8

with Geoff

Ruccis rigger Geoff shows you how to do two types of figure 8 knots.

Plate Spinning

with Emily

Have you got a plate tucked away somewhere because you never got the hang of it? Emily’s got the tips to get you spinning in no time, plus tricks to try when you pick up speed.

Back Stretching

with Merlene

Work on your back and shoulder flexibility to help with bridges and back-bends. Don’t forget the warm up!

Leg Flexibility

with Claire

Following on from our back stretching video, Claire shares some ways to stretch out your legs in preparation for the splits. Let’s get flexy!

Staff Twirling

with Sam

Learn to do some cleanin…I mean, staff twirling with Sam! All you need is a broom with a removeable head, so you end up with a big long stick. Make sure you have lots of room and get ready to spin! 

Handstand Preparations

with Caleb

Here’s your weekend project! Caleb shares how to build wrist strength and balance to start practising handstands against a wall. 

Aerial Wraps

with Sam Sam

Here’s one for you aerialists that you can do on the couch! Practise your tissu wraps and climbs with Sam Sam! Grab a scarf and you’ve got yourself a make-shift tissu at home.

Chalk-drawn obstacle course

with LeShea

Work off any built up energy with some obstacle course inspiration from LeShea! All you need is some space on a driveway or footpath and some chalk. What creative chalk obstacles can you come up with? We’d love to see!

Prop Balancing

with Steve

If you’ve got a broom, you’re ready to practise prop balancing on your hands, feet and face! Once you’ve got that down, you’re only limited by your imagination (and perhaps weight) of what you can try to balance!

Devil Sticks

with Emily

You’ve used them in class, you’ve tried them at a festival, they’re the addictively fun devil sticks! You’ll be amazed just how much you can do once you’ve mastered the basics, so follow along and brush up on your devil stick skills with Emily (there’s some tricky tricks in this one too!)

Aerial Bar Skills

with Sam Sam

If you’re itching to get back in the air, join Sam Sam for some conditioning skills and tricks you can practise to get you back into the groove. If you don’t have a bar at home you might be able to use a monkey bar or pull up bar at a park.

Diabolo Tricks

with Simon

So you can get your diabolo spinning…now what? Simon shows you some simple but impressive diabolo tricks you can try at home including throws, trapezes and under the leg.

Brain Teasers

with Emily

Emily’s back with some fun tricks you can try at home to get your brain working! Can you count to five on your hands? Can you spin your foot one way and your hand the other way? Sounds simple enough right…? These brain teasers are great to help with juggling and general coordination!