Circus Fun + Juggling Skills

At-Home Circus Workshops

Every Saturday at 11am

Circus activities for everyone! A mixed bag of circus goodies, with guest coaches teaching a variety of manipulation and tumbling skills. We’ll update our schedule and let you know in advance what you’re in for!

You can also watch back all of Simon’s juggling videos below. 

These live videos have now finished, but you can join our Juggling and Hula Hoop Zoom classes on Saturdays, plus heaps more over the new few weeks. 

View past videos below.

Hula hoop tricks and a routine

with Lauren

Learn some brand new tricks – off-body skills and flourishes, to combine in a fun routine

Sat 1 August

MORE Magic and Mime

with Sam

Building on last week’s skills, Sam teaches you a whole routine you can do with your suitcase mime tricks.

Sat 25 July

Magic and Mime

with Sam

Learn some magic tricks you can do with just your hands, as well as some mime skills with a suitcase or bag.

Sat 18 July

Staff spinning #2

with Emily

We’ll recap last week’s sequence and add on some new spins.

Sat 27 June

Staff spinning

with Emily

Grab your staff (or a broomstick with the head removed) and learn a sequence wrapping around your whole body, step by step.

Sat 20 June

Devil Sticks Workshop

with Emily

If you’ve got a set of Devil Sticks, and have tried the some basic skills before, Emily will show you some variations on the tic tok skill.

Sat 6 June

Poi Workshop #2

with Emily

Following on from last week’s workshop, We’re going to work on some ‘butterfly’ patterns.

Sat 30 May

Poi Workshop

with Emily

Get your poi ready, or make your own out of a long pair or socks. We’ll also practise with two rigid objects, so grab some wooden spoons or juggling clubs or whatever you have ready! We’re going to work on 3 and 5 beat weaves.

Sat 24 May

Flashy Hoop Tricks

with Lauren

Try some off-body hula hoop tricks you can do in a small space at home, but still put on a fabulous show. You don’t even need to take off your dressing gown!

Sat 2 May

Juggling Week 8

with Simon Wright

Sat 6 June

Juggling Week 7

with Simon Wright

Sat 30 May

Juggling Week 6

with Simon Wright

Sat 23 May

Juggling Week 5

with Simon Wright

Sat 16 May

Juggling Week 4

with Simon Wright

Sat 9 May

Juggling Week 3

with Simon Wright

Sat 2 May

Juggling Week 2

with Simon Wright

Simon from Dummies Corp. is back with another juggling workshop and another wonderful suit. Work on tricks with fun names like Zips, Tennis, Columns, and ‘W’.

Sat 25 Apr

Juggling Week 1

with Simon Wright

Simon from Dummies Corp. uses a tennis ball, an apple and a pomegranate to show you some flashy juggling tricks you can learn to impress your friends!

Sat 18 Apr

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We love sharing the joy of circus, and we hate not being able to do that face to face at our Bayswater North HQ. So we will continue to run online workshops and events to get you moving, support your health and wellbeing, and entertain both big and little kids! While we want these to be accessible for the community, any support you can offer while our doors are closed will be greatly appreciated.

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