Strength & Conditioning

At-Home Circus Workshops

Wednesday at 7:30pm (on Facebook)

Aimed at teens and adults, but suitable for younger keen beans too! We’ll do some of your favourite Ruccis warm ups and¬†stretch and strength exercises with household items. Don’t forget the abs!

The next Stretch & Strength video will air live on the Ruccis Facebook page on Wednesday 21 October at 7.30pm.

or check back here later on Thursday.
View past videos below.
Not all videos are able to be embedded, but all can be viewed on Facebook.

Broomstick workout for grip strength

Wed 14 October

Full body workout

Wed 17 October

Lots of Abs!

Wed 30 September

Using a towel for grip strength

Wed 16 September

Milk bottle weightt workout

Wed 2 September

Strength workout with a broom

Wed 19 August

Full body workout – no equipment needed

Wed 12 August

Strength for Handstands with Caleb

Mon 27 July

Workout with a chair

Wed 22 July

Simon’s leg workout for balance strength

Mon 20 July

Video can not be embedded.
Watch on Facebook.

Lockdown 2.0! No equipment needed.

Wed 15 July

The last Wednesday workout! (before the next lockdown…)

Wed 17 June

Grab your broom for a 30min workout!

Tue 16 June

1hr workout with a towel, and lots of abs!

Wed 10 June

30 min workout with friends!

Tue 9 June

1hr workout with our trusty milk bottle

Wed 3 June

30 min core and grip strength

Tue 19 May

Strength workout with a milk bottle

Wed 29 Apr

Strength with just a towel

Wed 22 Apr

Strength & Stretch 

Wed 15 Apr

Aerial Strength

Sat 11 Apr

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At Home Workshops

Help us through our closure

We love sharing the joy of circus, and we hate not being able to do that face to face at our Bayswater North HQ. So we will continue to run online workshops and events to get you moving, support your health and wellbeing, and entertain both big and little kids! While we want these to be accessible for the community, any support you can offer while our doors are closed will be greatly appreciated.

or donate via bank transfer:

BSB: 083 419
Acc: 763 671 451