Circus in the Park!

It’s summertime and that’s a good excuse to take Circus out to play at the park!

Come and meet up at Croydon Park, between Mt Dandenong Rd and Hewish Rd, on Sun 24th January and Australia Day, the 26th Jan.

RUCCIS is taking Circus to the Park, for fun and relaxation

RUCCIS is taking Circus to the Park, for fun and relaxation!

To describe where we will be, it is the Croydon Park close to main street just off Mt Dandenong Rd. We will be on the James Kerr Way side of the park, between the playground, the tennis courts and the cricket pitch near the little public toilet. There’s a nice little diamond of grass there that you can see on Google maps. That’s where I’ll have the rig up for tissu training (weather permitting) and some manipulation gear to play with. Feel free to bring your own circus toys to play with!

This event is for Ruccis students but obviously it’s at a public park and family and friends are more than welcome. However it is not a workshop so there will not be any specific instruction or supervision provided by anyone from Ruccis.

Pack yourselves a picnic and join us for an afternoon of circus fun! Both days we plan to be there from 12-4pm.

Circus in the Park video.

Info about Croydon Park.

Link to pictures from 2014 Circus in the Park.

Please note: This is not a workshop and we are there is no official supervision. Stilting is only available to RUCCIS students with a stilting certificate and a spotter is required at all times.