RUCCIS - Circus Experiences for Everyone.  Stilters with spotters and hooping, acrobats with one lady standing on a man's shoulders.

RUCCIS took circus to the Tim Neville Arboretum and had a fabulous time!

Circus in the Park!

It’s summertime and that’s a good excuse to take Circus out to play at the park!

Come and meet up at Croydon Park, between Mt Dandenong Rd and Hewish Rd, on Sat 16th January, from Midday onwards.

The idea is to have a casual picnic style get together, with lots of Circus, relaxation and socialising. It is open to everyone, so bring your friends, family or come and meet us for the first time and get to know RUCCIS.

We will bring some manipulation equipment, the walking globe and create a Circus Space in Croydon Park.
Bring yourself some delicious nibblies, something to sit on and any circus equipment you want to try out in the park. (no fire!)
Looking forward to a day of Circus fun in the sun!

Circus in the Park video.

Info about Croydon Park.

Facebook event.

Link to pictures from 2014 Circus in the Park.


Please note: Stilting is only available to RUCCIS students with a stilting certificate and a spotter is required at all times.