With classes starting up again students can start taking advantage of Open Space training.

Training times will be available during our holiday program and 3 week programs, so you can get ready for Term 3!

What is Open Space?

Open Space is when students with some experience come in to get some extra training outside of their class time. During Open Space you have no coach, so it’s not for trying new skills, but a great time to build your strength and go through the things you’ve learned in your last class. It can be great fun to get a few friends together for training!

Is Open Space supervised?

A coach will always be at Ruccis when you can train (someone’s got to let you in to the building!) but they are not there to coach your Open Space, and might actually be coaching a class. Open Space is your time to train what you want at your own pace, so it’s best to come in with a plan and a timeframe to get the most out of your time.

Who can do Open Space?

Open space is available to students over 12 years who have attended at least one term of classes.

How much is Open Space?

It’s $10 a session, or $80 per term. If you want to pay by term, please email us or speak to us at Ruccis. If you are paying by session, we have an Honesty Box at Ruccis where you can drop in your cash, or pay via a bank transfer (our bank details are on the box).

When can I do Open Space training?

Generally, whenever we have classes on, you will be able to train. Classes, parties and events always take precedence on the available space, so it’s best to join our Facebook group Ruccis Training to see the latest schedule (and to see if any friends or coaches are in for training), or call or email beforehand to check.

What does Open Space look like during Covid restrictions?

For the next few weeks before Term 3 starts, we are running a limited program with strict guidelines about numbers and distancing and cleaning equipment etc, but we will have capacity for a small number of students training alongside classes.
  • Students training open space will need to use the equipment set aside for open space and won’t be able to warm up, stretch or ‘mingle’ with classes as they’ll technically be a separate training group. 
  • Open Space will be capped at 10 people – we don’t often get this many training at once but it will be a ‘first come, first served’ situation.
  • Like all students, you MUST wash your hands in the foyer before entering the training space and practise social distancing.
  • Social Distancing means that, for now, no one is allowed to train anything that requires touching (doubles trapeze, partner acro etc). This will change soon!
  • Make sure you do a really REALLY thorough warm up and start small with practising your skills. It’s been a long time between circus classes!