RUCCIS Circus Classes start today!
We welcome back all our returning students and are delighted to be introducing Circus to so many new students this year.

February has a wide variety of events, from classes resuming to a chance to perform with your glo equipment at White Night as part of a “Painting with Light” project!

This month we have Classes resuming, free Circus workshops at the Foodie and Makers Market, Andy Phillips and Anita G running a "Painting with Light" workshop at White Night and the Upwey Billy Cart races!

Term 1 timetable of RUCCIS Circus Fun!

Foodies and Makers Market at Billanook Primary School

Andy Phillips and Anita G are running a “Painting with Light” Workshop at White Night! YOU can be involved if you want to perform with your glo equipment!

Andy Phillips Facebook Page – PM him for more information

Anita G Photography’s Facebook Page

For the Where, When, What and Photo Gallery of the Upwey Billy Cart Race!