To our lovely Ruccisites,

The Victorian government has announced that all non-essential businesses must close. We hope you feel like Ruccis is an essential part of your life, but unfortunately this does include Ruccis, and our final week of Term 1 classes will not run. Ruccis will be closed as of Monday 23 March. This closure is so far indefinite.

This is an awful time for everyone. Not only does it feel like fun has been cancelled, but for a lot of Victorians it’s a genuinely scary time. For those families with vulnerable people, for those who are in financial crisis, for those left not knowing their next move, you are in our thoughts and hearts. 

 Something that we have absolute confidence in is that the Ruccis community will bounce back. At some point down the track our space will once again be filled with eager coaches and flourishing students. The circus communities across the world are here for each other. Hop online and explore the absolute magnitude of circus in the world and find ways to celebrate it at home. If you can, support an artist who’s work is now online. Book in to some online tutorials or group workout sessions. Find a weird and wonderful skill you can learn with your family in the backyard. Circus is everywhere and it can’t be cancelled.

 Ruccis will be putting up a series of videos on facebook and our website with activities you and your family can do at home to maintain your learning and keep your mind and body in shape for when we return. If you have a request for a particular prop tutorial or a particular type of workout, let us know! We have plenty of time to make that happen! 

For students who are enrolled in Term 1 and are missing their last class, we would like to roll your class over for a big celebratory week of classes when we come back. For those who have already paid for Term 2, you have the option of rolling your Term payment over to when we next start. If you’re not in a financial position to roll over, please get in contact. No direct debits will be scheduled or processed for the time being. If you are in the position to book and pay for Term 2 and have it held for your next term, we would be very grateful.

Thank you to all the wonderful students who have been coming to class this last week and diligently following the new cleaning rules. And also thank you to all the students, who may have had a sniffle or would be in contact with someone vulnerable, who decided to stay home and keep us a little bit safer. It is each individual student that makes Ruccis a great place and we really absolutely can’t wait to see you all again.

With much love,
 Emily and the Ruccis team