Production Term!

Find out everything you need to know about our upcoming student production Circus Toy Box as part of the Burrinja Circus Festival.

Tickets on sale soon

Tickets on sale Soon!

Let your family and friends know which show you’re in so you’re ready to go when tickets are on sale (we’ll send another email). All tickets are $25.

All ticket sales will be through Burrinja, either online, over the phone, or in person at their box office. We cannot process ticket sales or help with buying tickets at Ruccis.

Show Schedule

There are four shows across Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June, all held at Burrinja Theatre.

Please check the tables below to see which show you or your student’s class is performing in before purchasing tickets.

Shows run for approx 2 hours with a 20min intermission.


Sat 29th June, 9:30am

  • Mon 4pm Tissu
  • Mon 4:30 Circus Mix
  • Mon 5:30 Trapeze & Hoop
  • Tues 4:30 Circus Mix
  • Tues 4pm Beginner Aerial
  • Wed 1pm Homeschool
  • Tues 5:15 Beginner Aerial
  • Mon 6:30 Aerial
  • Troupe Alli and Esme
  • Mon 6:30 Lyra
  • Troupe Evie and Lily L
  • Tues 6pm Circus mix
  • Troupe Cooper
  • Tues 6:15 Tissu
  • Troupe Xtreme


Sat 29th June, 2pm


  • Wed 4pm Aerial/Tumbling
  • Troupe Chloe and Sonia
  • Wed 4pm Tissu
  • Troupe Lily M
  • Wed 5pm Tumbling
  • Wed 5:15 Tissu
  • Thur 4:30 Circus Mix
  • Thur 4pm Aerial
  • Wed 7:15 Tissu
  • Troupe Tilly
  • Tues 7:15 Trapeze & Hoop
  • Tues 7:30 Circus Mix
  • Troupe Kiara
  • Wed 7:15 Tumbling
  • Tues 7:30 Advanced Tissu
  • Troupe Xtreme


Sat 29th June, 6:30pm


  • Fri 4pm Tissu
  • Fri 4:30 Circus Mix
  • Fri 5:15 Aerial
  • Fri 6:30 Balance
  • Troupe Maisy and Elise
  • Sat 12pm Contortion
  • Sat 10am Tissu
  • Sat 11am Acro
  • Friday 6:30 Hammock
  • Troupe Ivy N
  • Wed 8:15 Tissu
  • Wed 7:30 Mix
  • Wed 6:15 Tissu
  • Troupe Josh
  • Wed 7:15 Trapeze & Hoop
  • Sat 11am Yah Yahs
  • Troupe Xtreme


Sun 30th June, 10am


  • Sat 10am Buddies
  • Sat 9am Circus Mix
  • Sat 9am Tissu
  • Sat 11:30 Circus Mix
  • Sun 9am Circus Mix
  • Sun 10am Tissu
  • Sun 10:45 Acro
  • Sat 12pm Tissu
  • Troupe Anthony
  • Wed 6:30 Hula Hoop
  • Sun 9am Tissu
  • Troupe Maxim
  • Wed 6:15 Aerial/Tumbling
  • Sat 10:30 Trapeze & Hoop
  • Troupe Xtreme

Rehearsal Schedule

All classes will be rehearsing on either Thursday 27th or Friday 28th June at Burrinja Theatre in Upwey. There will be no Ruccis classes on these days and they are not included on your invoice.

Each class has 10 minutes allocated to them. Timing is tight so please arrive 10 minutes before your start time (and in costume if able) so coaches know when their whole class is ready and can go over the act and a quick warm up if needed. 

Please allow 10mins either side of your scheduled time.


Thursday 27th June

4pm – 9pm

At Burrinja

4pm-4:10        Mon 4pm Tissu

4:10-4:20        Mon 4:30 Circus Mix

4:20-4:30        Mon 5:30 Trapeze & Hoop

4:30-4:40        Tue 4:30 Circus Mix

4:40-4:50        Tues 4pm Aerial

4:50-5:00        Wed 1pm Homeschool

5:00-5:10         Tues 5:15 Aerial

5:10-5:20        Wed 4pm Aerial/Tumbling

5:20-5:30       Troupe Chloe and Sonia

5:30-5:40        Wed 4pm Tissu

5:40-5:50        Troupe Lily M

5:50-6:00        Wed 5:15 Tumbling

6:00-6:10        Wed 5:15 Tissu

6:10-6:20        Thur 4:30 Circus mix

6:20-6:30        Thur 4pm Aerial


6:40-6:50        Mon 6:30 Aerial

6:50-7:00       Troupe Ally and Esme

7:00-7:10      Mon 6:30 Lyra

7:10-7:20      Troupe Evie and Lily l

7:20-7:30     Tue 6pm Circus Mix

7:30-7:40       Troupe Cooper

7:40-7:50      Tues 6:15 Tissu

7:50-8:00       Troupe Xtreme

8:00-8:10        Wed 7:15 tissu

8:10-8:20       Troupe Tilly

8:20-8:30      Tue 7:15 Trap/Lyra

8:30-8:40       Tue 7:30 Circus mix

8:40-8:50       Troupe Kiara

8:50-9:00       Wed 7:15 Tumbling

9:00-9:10       Tue 7:30 Adv Tissu





Friday 28th June

4pm – 9pm

At Burrinja


4:00-4:10        Fri 4pm Tissu

4:10-4:20        Fri 4:30 Circus Mix

4:20-4:30        Fri 5:15 Aerial

4:30-4:40        Fri 6:30 Balance

4:40-4:50       Troupe Maisy and Elise

4:50-5:00        Sat 12pm Contortion

5:00-5:10        Sat 10am Tissu

5:10-5:20        Sat 11am Acro

5:20-5:30        Sat 10am Buddies

5:30-5:40        Sat 9am Circus mix

5:40-5:50       Sat 9am Tissu

5:50-6:00      Sat 11:30 Circus Mix

6:00-6:10        Sun 9am Circus Mix

6:10-6:20       Sun 10am Tissu

6:20-6:30        Sun 10:45 Acro


6:40-6:50       Friday Hammock 

6:50-7:00       Troupe Ivy N

7:00-7:10        Wed 8:15 exp Tissu

7:10-7:20        Wed 7:30 Mix

7:20-7:30        Wed 6:15 Tissu

7:30-7:40        Troupe Josh

7:40-7:50       Wed 7:15 trap/lyra

7:50-8:00        Sat YAH YAHS

8:00-8:10        Sat 12pm Tissu

8:10-8:20       Troupe Anthony

8:20-8:30        Wed 6:30 Hula Hoop

8:30-8:40        Sun 9am Tissu

8:40-8:50        Troupe Maxim

8:50-9:00        Wed 6:15 Aerial/Tumbling

9:00-9:10        Sat 10:30 Trap/Lyra


Production FAQs

What is the name and theme of this year's show?

The show is called Circus Toy Box and will be all about the toys of our childhoods!

When and where are the shows?

The shows (and rehearsals) will be held at Burrinja Cultural Centre (351 Glenfern Rd, Upwey) and there will be 4 performances across Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 

What if my student can't make the performance, or doesn't want to perform?

Production term is a great opportunity for students to share with their family and friends all the skills they have been working on at Ruccis, however if a student is unable to attend, please let your coach know as soon as possible. They will still be able to work on skills and a performance in class.

What time do students need to be at the theatre for the show?

The call time for shows is 30mins before showtime. This is to ensure students have enough time to warm up properly, touch up hair and makeup with their group, and go over any last minute changes. This applies to both child and adult performers.

Where do I drop off my student (or myself as an adult student!)

Parents will need to sign in their student at the dressing rooms – enter through the main foyer at Burrinja where we will have someone to sign you in (adult and teen students don’t need to sign in but they must find their coach who will be upstairs in the Lyrebird room). Parents are welcome to stay with their student backstage until the show starts.

When/where do I pick up my student?

You can pick up your student from the same place that you dropped them off, all student performing before intermission must be picked up by their parent/guardian at intermission.

I'm in Troupe with a solo - when am I rehearsing/performing?

These times will all be worked out during Troupe classes and communicated with you by the Troupe coaches.

What time do we need to come in for tech rehearsal?

As per the tables above, each class has been allocated a day and time to rehearse at Burrinja between 4pm and 9pm. Each class has a specific tech rehearsal time, with kids classes allocated earlier time slots and adult classes allocated later time slots.

The timing will be VERY tight so students who are late may miss their rehearsal.

What if i can't make the tech rehearsal?

These tech rehearsals are important to familiarise yourself with the stage, ensure aerial equipment is at correct heights, lighting is not in performers eyes and checking other safety precautions. Let your coach know as soon as possible if you won’t be able to make the rehearsal.

If you are late or miss your slot, you may not be able to rehearse, but you may be able to watch other acts to see how the show will run.

Do we need to buy tickets for our students that are performing?

No – younger students will perform in the first half of the show. At intermission, you can pick them up and they can watch the rest of the show in the spare seats at the back of the theatre where we will have a supervising coach.

However, if you would like your student to sit with you in the audience, you will need to purchase them a ticket with yours.

Older students can use the spare seats to watch the first half of the show.

Does my student need a costume/make up?

Each coach will discuss with their class what costume and make up is required. This may involve purchasing, borrowing or creating items, as well as basic stage make up or face painting (we will do any face painting!). A sheet with costume information specific for your class will be sent home in a couple of weeks.

Do we need to pack food for performers?

As it will be a few hours between arrival and the end of performance, students should pack a water bottle and a nut-free snack to tide them over. Nothing too heavy before a performance!

Can I take photos of the show?

There will be strictly no photography in the theatre. We will have professional photographers and a videographer attending so there will be photos and a video available to purchase next term.

Can I purchase show tickets at Ruccis?

All ticket sales are through Burrinja. You can purchase tickets (when they’re on sale) online, in-person through their box office, or over the phone by calling 9754 8723 (Tues – Sat 10am – 2pm).