Ruccis is opening!

We are so excited to announce that Ruccis will be re-opening on Monday the 8th of November with our full timetable! It’s been a long time coming. More infor will be released soon. We are not taking bookings just yet.


Online Classes

Monday the 1st October – Friday 5th November

Term 4
We are really hoping to be back in our space on the 8th November and enjoying face to face training with all our students. Together is definitely the best way to share circus skills. In the meantime, we want to keep your bodies moving and continue to spread circus joy with the Ruccis community, and so we’re continuing our online classes until Friday the 5th November.
Things have been changing a lot this year and we recognise that many of you are in a different position than you were when you first booked into classes. Because of this, we’ve decided that for Term 4, we are offering our online classes by donation. You can pay what you feel, or simply what you can, and then come and enjoy our online classes through Zoom. The link will be up and available for everyone. To pay for your classes, simply follow the TryBooking link below. We look forward to seeing you all in class!

Student Production

It is with a heavy heart that we announce we will be cancelling the student production and cabaret at Burrinja this year. These were scheduled for 19th Sept (cabaret) and 25th & 26th Sept (production).

Burrinja will be processing refunds of all purchased tickets over the next week. You do not need to contact them, unless you haven’t had a refund come through by the end of next week.

If you haven’t done a production with us before you’re probably wondering why we even persevered for this long! Nothing makes us prouder than seeing Ruccisite do their thing on stage, and it’s such a fun an exciting event for our students, but we want the process to be just as fun as the performance, and having everyone rush around in the last two weeks of term, when we still can’t confirm if the theatre will have capacity for us, is stressful and not fair on families or coaches.


We know so many of you want to perform so we are preparing to hold a ‘renegade show’ in the holidays (if we’re able to, otherwise in Term 4) at Ruccis. Similar to our Christmas shows, anyone is invited to come up and perform on the day, and we’ll have a kids show and a teen & adult show. We’ll share more info about this once we’re able to re-open. We know there’s some fabulous acts in the works you’re ready to show and that we’d love to see!

Term 4

We’d normally be opening up Term 4 bookings quite soon, but we know that while things are so uncertain, it’s difficult to commit financially to a full 10 or 11 week term.

So we’re working on what this might look like in Term 4. We’re planning for the schedule to stay very similar to how it is currently, and will of course give all current students the opportunity to re-book their preferred classes,  but it may be for shorter blocks of time, rather than the full term at once. Classes will definitely continue, but we’ll keep you up to date with what bookings look like in Term 4.

Lauren on Leave

Lauren is almost due to have a baby! So she’s slowly taking a step back from the Ruccis admin to rest up before the big day (and long nights). You might start seeing SamSam and Geoff more on your emails, and Emily is popping back in too! Please bear with us as we transition through this new stage of Ruccis babies!

Term 3 Credits

We had hoped it wouldn’t go quite this long, but our enrolment terms and conditions for Term 3 included that in the case of a lockdown, we would run replacement online classes. We know this is a tough time for everyone and hope we can support one another, so if you have been financially impacted by the lockdowns please email us if you require a credit or refund. We hope to be able to welcome you all back to Ruccis again soon!

Online Store

The Ruccis online shop is back, so you can order things like juggling balls, hula hoops, spinning plates, poi and diabolo, plus hoodies and tshirts, to have a whole lot of circus fun at home. Pick it up from Ruccis, or we can deliver to you!